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Re: kingcrimson in sf-no loop content...

For those that have implied that Fripp claims to have "invented" looping,
and to those that think that Fripp labeled his approach Frippertronics as
some sort of ego-maniacal trademark - I think you're wrong.

Why not actually research what Fripp has said on the subject himself??  It
took me about 15 minutes to find this.

>From a Guitar Player interview with Fripp, January 1986:

GP - When did Frippertronics originate?

RF - Originally, the system was introduced to me by Brian Eno. I worked 
him on it for the piece of music that became No Pussyfooting, which was
recorded in July 1972 and released I 1973. I began working on it on my own
in June and July 1977, when I was living in New York. Frippertronics as 
went public for the first time in February 1978 at The Kitchen [a New York
arts and performance gallery], where I was giving a solo concert. I needed 
name for it, so I came up with "Frippertronics" because it was silly. Then
it went very, very public in 1979 with a four-month solo tour - two months
in Europe and two in America. And it was there, actually in front of
people - in record shops, pizza parlors, record offices, small cinemas,
museums, all matter of places - that I began to learn to work with it 
well. I would run the tape back and improvise on top of it. The original
form was with two Revox tape recorders, but now I'm working with the
Electro-Harmonix 16 second Digital Delay. It was advertised as a Fripp In
The Box. It's far smaller, quicker, and easier to set up than two Revoxes.
Although, the sounds one gets are quite different. The quality I nowhere
near the same as the two Revoxes.