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Re: original vs. good

> This is terribly assumptive of all people.  I
> believe that, if one gave
> everyone in the world a red crayon and told them to
> draw a house, perhaps
> 25% (if that!) would produce a drawing at all, and
> most of those would be
> attempted duplicates of what was perceived to be
> "the most popular" drawing
> of a house.  Remember back to when we were children,
> folks.

yah, you are proably right. In an attempt to make a
point I gave the human race way to much credit ( what
am I, a hippie?) anyway, what i was trying to say is
that I think being original can't be forced. trying
harder doesn't make one more original, just more
contrived IMO. So I feel originality is more a
function of intention than end product - for example,
if my honest creative expression ends up sounding
similar to yours I think it's still original because
its my pure honest expression. If I copy you with the
intent of passing it off as my own than clearly its
not original.
Only the creator knows if his/her motives are pure,
everyone else comes to their own conclusion (correct
or not) based on listening to the "end product". So I
believe if I am creating from a "pure place"
(motivated by the "right" reasons) I will naturally be
whatever it is I currently am and therefore original.
(Gee, could I have been a little wordier?!)


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