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Re: sequencer inventor - OT

> Word naturally got around about the nature of what my device
> accomplished, but Bob Moog continued to be loyal. I must say Bob Moog
> is a most honorable person. He steadfastly refrained from embodying my
> sequencer in his equipment line until the sheer pressure of so many
> manufacturers using the sequencer forced him to compete. Yet, he used
> the simplest version, though he knew about my most advanced sequencer.
> Quite a gentleman, and a super talent besides.
> Now, with the passing of years, I guess I regret my secrecy and would
> like for people to know of what I accomplished.
> -Raymond Scott
> http://raymondscott.com/moog.html
> regards,
> bret

I hadn't heard of Raymond Scott before the discussion on this list
(and I'm a synth-guy)! He seems like a very interesting character
and also reminds me a bit of fellow electronic instrument designer
Hugh LeCaine - if you know who I mean.

Scott M2