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D-Two Critique Request

Oh loopers of vast resource (especially RZ):
I want to loop MIDI drum noise in a looper that will then send MIDI clock 
my Echoplex Digital Pro, will be the  main "canvas" of my looping--I'm back
to using my keen-o doubleneck Ztar for synth noise, EDP triggering and
guitar wanking.  I would love to hear pro and con of the TC Electronic 
with regard to this application, especially the MIDI clock output.  If by
some chance someone else is already doing what I'm proposing, for goodness
sake, please give me a full run down.  Short of that, any comments on the
D-Two are much appreciated--and private email is fine, although I feel
pretty good about the high thread count of this one.  Any comparison of 
unit with other looper is thoroughly appropriate and welcome.
And, how come dt don't use a d-two?
Hey, one more thing.  Who in San Diego wants to do a Looper's Night
somewhere?  Gaslamp district? Dizzy's?