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Re: nyc loopfest thoughts

>  > >If we are going to do a show like this then surely the
>>  >manufacturers would want to have a little chance to
>>  >show off their wares and answer questions?
>let me take this moment to scream STOPPP! honestly, do we really need a
>trade show? a convention? WORKSHOPS?
>*shudder. the general music-listening public understands the concept of
>looping. i don't think we need to turn a good idea
>for a concert into some sort of high tech show and tell.

When I suggested the workshop I thought I could explain some more 
about EDP functions and the musical applications that are not trivial.
I am not able to represent Gibson or so.
Also, this offer was in addition to the concert (the day before or 
after...) and should not harm it in any way.

But the idea to ask the manufacturers for some financial or publicity 
support is not that bad either, is it?

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