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nyc loopfest thoughts

> >Any web designers here (after all the abuse you've taken here recently?)


> >If we are going to do a show like this then surely the
> >manufacturers would want to have a little chance to
> >show off their wares and answer questions?

let me take this moment to scream STOPPP! honestly, do we really need a
trade show? a convention? WORKSHOPS?
*shudder. the general music-listening public understands the concept of
looping. i don't think we need to turn a good idea
for a concert into some sort of high tech show and tell.

> >If we do such a large thing (and I'm still VERY open to
> >having two or three groups get together and play a
> >night at the Knit) I'm going to need help with the
> >organization of this.

why only two or three, and when did the knit become a far-off alternative?

> >I'm of two minds about whether we should allow full bands
> >with a live drummer to play.

i'm pretty sure i'm the only person who specified this setup.

> >The moment we introduce live drums, we move the PA requirements
> >up if he's a hard-hitting rock drummer.

but how is running a couple drum mics and a vocal mic that much harder
to running several line feeds, which I imagine the majority of laptop/rack
gear performers to be requiring?
i dont really follow the upping the pa requirements line. perhaps you mean
in that case you'd need something that
can handle a few mics, and have those mics. i think if THAT were a problem,
there would be some serious issues all around.

> >I'm going to write up a logistical plan based on about two dozen looping
> >performers attending the conference (meeting? collective? hang?
> >activity? thing?)
> >perhaps another three dozen drop-ins who'd come to see the workshops

yeah, i mean, if this has officially morphed into a conference, i 
but if it's still open to debate, i couldn't be more
adamant about keeping this simply a performance.

i dont think this should cost anything. i realize this is perhaps a tall
order, but for this to succeed i think it's the only way.

$10-$15 is a bit silly. $20-60 is unfathomable. overextending, definitely.