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[loop NY] 3 alternatives?

break it up:

1. gig:  one or more evenings.
2. jam:  a full day.
3. meet: two or more full days.

So a gig could be a couple of nights or a repeating series
at the Knitting Factory.

A jam could be a day on the weekend at some fairly large space
perhaps out of Manhattan where we could set up and jam in the day
and have a concert and a party in the evening.

A meet would be in some not-for-profit space for several days
as in the last message.

Let's throw away 3 as being too complicated right off the bat.

My personal preference out of 1 and 2 is 2. the full day hang.

Option 1 seems to be pretty high-stress because the chances
of failure seem better than even;  failure being defined
as "being unable to sustain a crowd over several shows".

If we tried to do nine shows at the Knitting Factory,
what are the chances that one act won't be able to
play because of technical difficulties and the
time pressure?

Option 2 gives us the chance to actually hang out in some
loft somewhere and play around with the gear and show off
tricks before the show.  Sure, we might have to do some
more work, like getting a PA in (I have a 600 W/channel PA
but that might not be quite enough) but we'd have a chance
to iron out the bugs and to have a lot of fun doing it.

The "loft" might still be Chashama... we'll see
how it goes with them.


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