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Re: nyc loopfest thoughts

i'm not from new york, but when you guys started talking about a 
conference i started thinking i might try to come out for it.  
why not have an international loop fest?
i think it would be great.

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> >  > >If we are going to do a show like this then surely the
> >>  >manufacturers would want to have a little chance to
> >>  >show off their wares and answer questions?
> >
> >let me take this moment to scream STOPPP! honestly, do we really need a
> >trade show? a convention? WORKSHOPS?
> >*shudder. the general music-listening public understands the concept of
> >looping. i don't think we need to turn a good idea
> >for a concert into some sort of high tech show and tell.
> When I suggested the workshop I thought I could explain some more 
> about EDP functions and the musical applications that are not trivial.
> I am not able to represent Gibson or so.
> Also, this offer was in addition to the concert (the day before or 
> after...) and should not harm it in any way.
> But the idea to ask the manufacturers for some financial or publicity 
> support is not that bad either, is it?
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