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Re: nyc loopfest thoughts

on 11/5/01 8:33 AM, Matthias Grob at matthias@grob.org wrote:

>>>> If we are going to do a show like this then surely the
>>>> manufacturers would want to have a little chance to
>>>> show off their wares and answer questions?
>> let me take this moment to scream STOPPP! honestly, do we really need a
>> trade show? a convention? WORKSHOPS?
>> *shudder. the general music-listening public understands the concept of
>> looping. i don't think we need to turn a good idea
>> for a concert into some sort of high tech show and tell.
> When I suggested the workshop I thought I could explain some more
> about EDP functions and the musical applications that are not trivial.
> I am not able to represent Gibson or so.
> Also, this offer was in addition to the concert (the day before or
> after...) and should not harm it in any way.
> But the idea to ask the manufacturers for some financial or publicity
> support is not that bad either, is it?

Totally separate from the NYC loopfest, I think it's a great idea to have
REAL users utilized by manufactures (Gibson, Electrix, Line6, etc., ) to
give little "performances" using each companies loop technology.  Here's
why: I needed a keyboard stand quick before a gig, so I was forced to go to
The Guitar Center (usually I avoid it like Dan Rather's mail) Well,
purchasing the stand took way longer than it should have, as the pro audio
person was having a heavy deep and real with his significant other on the
phone. While I was waiting for someone to get the stand, I asked if there
had been much interest in the Repeater (one was sitting there).  The
response was, "...doesn't seem to do all that much."   After I gave a 
lecture and paid for my stand, I couldn't help but think how more demos
could help educate sales people and potential looper owners.

Anyway, I think it would be a great idea if companies would organize and
promote local loopfests.  All the proceeds could go to the musicians, in
return for the promotion, the manufacture would have a small booth in the
club.  Maybe the musician could speak before and after their set about how
they use the gear, and how it's changed the way they make music.  Maybe 
is much harder and more expensive than it's worth, but even having us show
up for a little live show/demo in the local dealership would be great for
all of loop kind.

Mark Sottilaro