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OT: MP3 questions...

Hello, I would like to know how to include artistīs
info on .mp3 clips, hereīs my example: when I have a
.wav file using Sound Forge I can include in the .wav
file the artistīs info like song name, composer and
copyright date so that info shows on the media player
when the song is playing but when I encode that same
.wav file (info included) into a .mp3 file the
artistīs info is lost, the media player doesnīt shows
any info anymore, why is that?, I have used "lame" and
"blade" encoders but itīs the same situation with both
of them, Iīve seen many .mp3 clips that shows artistīs
info on the media player screen and I need to include
that info on some clips of my own, is there a special
encoder or editor to do that?.


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