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Re: Nord Modular question

Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (12:51 PM 05/14/01) wrote:


(wow!) Hi!

 >One of the things I'm thinking of here is to have a sequence or the
 >output of a delay going into the Nord. The basic sound would be a steady
 >state 'drone' modifying the input signal (filter, volume control, or other
 >effect) and outputting it. I would then program a sequence of MIDI keys
 >to each apply an envelope which would affect one of the effects. So (e. g.
 >hitting a particular MIDI note might cause an Lfo to be applied to the
 >filter while the key is down).

You can definitely do this with the Nord Modular (the Micro Modular as 

You can separate MIDI data coming into the machine as GATE and NOTE. So, 
do what you're looking for, you would run a line from the GATE input to an 
Envelope Generator; an LFO into a "VCA", then the VCA to a filter. When 
hit a key, or otherwise send MIDI note data, the GATE will fire the EG, 
which will open the VCA, which will modulate the filter.

There is also a note detector/splitter module which you can use to set up 
different things to happen on different notes.

I think that you'd have a lot of fun with the machine Doc.

 >Have any of you tried anything like this. Probably I should post this to
 >one of the users's forums.

If you want to, the "main" NM list recently moved off of Wizoo. You can 
subscribe to it by sending email:

   to:   majordomo@invert.com
   body: subscribe nord-modular

Good luck!