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RE: attn newcomers (and Kim)

It sucks being new at anything!! DO YOU REMEMBER?!!!! I am completely new 
this whole digital audio world.  I stepped away from live sound
re-enforcement (i.e. soundboard man) in the early eighties.  I'm 45, no 
(most of the time), but walking into digital sound creation makes my head
spin.  This is, however, something I really want to learn.  And no one will
discourage me.  Is there a site better suited to 'the New Guy"?
Thanks for the support, and encouragement.  We new knuckleheads are just
trying to keep our heads above the waters that many of you have been
traversing for years.
As Bill Murray put it in 'Meatballs'

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From: omjn [mailto:eightohm@iinet.net.au]
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2001 8:08 PM
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Subject: attn newcomers (and Kim)

hi all

While I am not one of so called "old farts" of this list I have been around
long enough to get an understanding of what does and does not get answered
in terms of questions by newbies.  What I can tell you is that very vague
and general questions about hardware that show you haven't done any 
into LOOPING tools, and not general sampling, multitracking equipment, will
NOT get an answer.

My advice to anyone new on the list who has hardware related questions is 
check out the Looper's Delight webpages which have quite a comprehensive
list of reviews of LOOP specific hardware.  If your hardware questions do
not relate to what you see on this website, chances are, this really isn't
the list for you.  Or at least, you're better off lurking for a while to 
a better feel for what's going on before asking youre next question.

So what's the URL?

That's my question for Kim.  I always forget the damned URL, and while I
know it's pretty easy to do a quick search for looper's delight, or indeed
keep the bloody thing in my bookmarks, I still keep forgetting it.

SOOO, Kim, why don't, as is done in many other lists I am a member of, you
add a signature to all outgoing mails which includes the url for
loopers-delight and a quick unsubscribe line.  this would seem to solve two
of the most common problems faced by newbies.  just a suggestion.  given I
haven't had much mail answered on this list yet I will probably just go 
to lurking.

OH yeah, the URL
pretty obvious really, but if its there in front of peoples faces there is
no excuse, and less of that newbie hostility, or at least ignorance of
ignorance, that seems to go on around here.