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Re: MP3 questions...

Get a copy of the free WinAmp (http://www.winamp.com) - and just hit Alt-F3
to edit the MP3 info.

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From: "Alx" <gendel777@yahoo.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: 23 May 2001 15:58 PM
Subject: OT: MP3 questions...

> Hello, I would like to know how to include artistīs
> info on .mp3 clips, hereīs my example: when I have a
> .wav file using Sound Forge I can include in the .wav
> file the artistīs info like song name, composer and
> copyright date so that info shows on the media player
> when the song is playing but when I encode that same
> .wav file (info included) into a .mp3 file the
> artistīs info is lost, the media player doesnīt shows
> any info anymore, why is that?, I have used "lame" and
> "blade" encoders but itīs the same situation with both
> of them, Iīve seen many .mp3 clips that shows artistīs
> info on the media player screen and I need to include
> that info on some clips of my own, is there a special
> encoder or editor to do that?.
> Thanks.
> Alx.
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