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Re: Nord Modular question

Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (02:16 PM 05/14/01) wrote:

 >My concern is that how do I prevent the incoming midi note data from
 >retriggering the note. e. g. I set up a one octave monophonic drone from
 >C3 to C4, then I want B2 to trigger an envelope that changes the filtering
 >of the drone. I don.t want to retrigger or otherwise change the pitch of
 >the existing drone. Its not clear from me from the docs that I can do 

To accomplish what you're looking for, you would just not gate the EG/VCA 
that's handling the drone from the MIDI Gate output.

One thing that I think will make things a lot clearer for you is to 
download the Editor from Clavia's site, fire it up and play with it. You 
don't need the NM/MM attached to be able to run it.


This is all off topic for the LD list, so you/we may want to continue this 
in private mail, or move over to the NM list.