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Re: looking for loop-friendly venues in california!

Hi Robert,

I found your message in LD mailing.
I look forward to live gig in Tokuzo,Nagoya with you .


  Sunao Inami

>hi there. robert here from the tokyo-based, new-media, 
>ambient/avant-pop/post-experimental laptop duo tog. we are currently 
>living in japan, and have been here long enough to be out of the loop 
>(sorry!). we will be moving to california for grad school (san fran and 
>la) in the fall, so i hoped that someone on this list could point me 
>towards a list of venues friendly to the kind of music that we make. our 
>sounds may be found here http://www.tognet.org please give a listen, and 
>then mail me back with your suggestions! thanks for your time.
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