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Re: Logic Audio Loops

> Great, seems simple... and you have it all pedal controlled?
not yet.

> How do you control the 4 FeedBacks?
I've set them to 100% so they repeat infinitly. I can clear any of the
delays by just bypassing that particular delay. If I want to mute a delay, 
just mute the track that it's on. I can also solo that track...remixing on
the fly is easy.

> How about the initial speed, you tap it?
I set it by typing a value, but the waves supertap plugin has a tap button
on it.

> amazing... do you use it just for the delays or listen the original
> sound through it, too?
I monitor through it too.

> Any special buffer... settings?
Keep the buffer as small as possible, it makes the latency go away.

> but as I understand, this could be done in some other app, too, right?
Yes, should be able to...but I'm not sure if the other apps will work as
smoothly...anyone with Cubase wanna give this a go?

Lastly, if there are any VST programmers out there...if one of you could
make a simple really long stereo delay plugin that uses the tempo from the
sequencer and has infinite feedback, this would work better than the waves
supertap, as the waves plugin has a lot of extra features that aren't 
for looping. Would be great if you could set the length in bars.


> >  > >I'm very interested in your application. I have yet to find a
> >>  >looper that actually works the way I think it should. I was able to
> >>  >Logic Audio work as a great looper though, in sync with midi and
> >everything,
> >>
> >>  Jeff,
> >>
> >>  Did you ever explain to us what you can do? I find that very
> >>
> >>  After all, there is a PowerBook G3 on the way here!
> >>
> >>  And lately I heard from several people that the ended up liking Logic
> >>  better than Performer for the flexibility.
> >  > Would you say that what you do with Logic is impossible with other
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