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Re: Logic Audio Loops

On 5/2/01 at 8:58 AM, jdyck@bigpond.net.au (Jeff van Dyck) wrote:

> Lastly, if there are any VST programmers out there...if one of you could
> make a simple really long stereo delay plugin that uses the tempo from 
> sequencer and has infinite feedback, this would work better than the 
> supertap, as the waves plugin has a lot of extra features that aren't 
> for looping. Would be great if you could set the length in bars.

I think there are some issues regarding host-sync support from within 
VST implementation which could make this a little tricky, at least as far 
writing VST plugins with MSP and pluggo goes. Hopefully Emagic will have 
sorted out with Logic 5.  I'm looking forward to Rewire with MSP 2.