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Re: Logic Audio Loops


I was thinking the other day about Logic Audio's live inputs and some
delays....well the verdict is...a very cool software looper system!

Using plugins, I started with a noise gate on the input, then assigned 4
buss sends,
each to a separate instance of a Waves SuperTap 2 Tap Delay...On the
delays, I turned on one tap and had it at 8 1/4 notes delay, with
100% feedback with the same amount of delay...so by enabling any of
the 4 buss sends on the input, I can record an audio loop, and then
mute one of the delays if I want to. I can even add other plugins, without
disturbing the loop. It's really quite amazing.

The result is a live 4 track infinite audio loop that syncs to midi.
Latency is a non issue on my Mac G3 300.

This is a great example of how flexible Logic can be.


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> >I'm very interested in your application. I have yet to find a software
> >looper that actually works the way I think it should. I was able to make
> >Logic Audio work as a great looper though, in sync with midi and
> Jeff,
> Did you ever explain to us what you can do? I find that very interesting.
> After all, there is a PowerBook G3 on the way here!
> And lately I heard from several people that the ended up liking Logic
> better than Performer for the flexibility.
> Would you say that what you do with Logic is impossible with any other
> Thank you
> Matthias
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