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Making an electronic drum pad

Hi Jon,
It's actually quite easy to make the pads.   I purchased piezo sensors off of
ebay.com.  ((If you know where to get piezo sensors in bulk please let me
know)).  Anyway, here's what I did:
What you need:
Open-celled foam rubber (mouse pad material) at least 1/8th inch thick.
Plain sheet of rubber 1/8th inch thick
Piezo buzzer element
Rubber Cement.

I took open-celled foam rubber and cut a little place for the sensor to fit
in and for the connector wire.  Then I took a sheet plain rubber cut the same
size as the open-celled foam rubber and used the rubber cement to keep it on
the foam rubber.  I made sure to glue the piezo sensor to the rubber sheet so
that it didn't bounce around in the space i had cut for it.  I made ten of
these and glued each one on to a plain piece of wood.  The reason for the
foam rubber is that it iolates each pad from the others, and keeps false
triggering from occuring.  

That's how I did it.  There are plenty of methods you can more out by just
search drum triggers on google.com