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Re: Logic Audio Loops

>  > Great, seems simple... and you have it all pedal controlled?
>not yet.
>>  How do you control the 4 FeedBacks?
>I've set them to 100% so they repeat infinitly. I can clear any of the
>delays by just bypassing that particular delay. If I want to mute a 
>delay, I
>just mute the track that it's on. I can also solo that track...remixing on
>the fly is easy.

oh, for me looping started with the control of FB by foot. I keep 
repeating myself on this list about it, but people who make the 
experience viciate in it, so I keep repeating... without fading :-)
Anyway, I guess you can control parameters of plugins by MIDI, right? 
So the problem would be how to control each one or all plugins at 

>  > How about the initial speed, you tap it?
>I set it by typing a value, but the waves supertap plugin has a tap button
>on it.
>>  amazing... do you use it just for the delays or listen the original
>>  sound through it, too?
>I monitor through it too.

this is essencial.

>  > Any special buffer... settings?
>Keep the buffer as small as possible, it makes the latency go away.

How far can you bring it down to still get 4 tracks? What is your computer?

>  > but as I understand, this could be done in some other app, too, right?
>Yes, should be able to...but I'm not sure if the other apps will work as
>smoothly...anyone with Cubase wanna give this a go?

I will try with Performer. Polar is a very interesting looping aid 
built into it, but it does not have the FeedBack option, so I have to 
find a way...

>Lastly, if there are any VST programmers out there...if one of you could
>make a simple really long stereo delay plugin that uses the tempo from the
>sequencer and has infinite feedback, this would work better than the waves
>supertap, as the waves plugin has a lot of extra features that aren't 
>for looping. Would be great if you could set the length in bars.

right, but not just infinite FeedBack, please, and a tap function 
that chops the existing loop reasonable and groupable and and...


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