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Re: Loop software with varispeed-thankyou

andy butler schrieb:
> ta, Stefan,
> but what I *don't* know is what is the standard response curve for Midi 
> PitchBend.

Its linear to pitch, thus exponential to frequency. You define the range 
in half steps on your synth usually. Mostly the range is +- a whole 
step, but could be any range.

> ...but wonder if that's actually the case, as for a 2 semitone bend a 
> linear conversion sounds ok. 

linear in frequency would not sound ok, as it would react very different 
for moving up versus moving down. But its linear in pitch...

In Max you would utilize mtof and ftom objects to do the conversion.

mtof follows the expression: (440. * exp(.057762265 * ($f1 - 69.)))

for pitchbend you need a conversion to a ratio, which is realted, but 
even simpler: exp(0.057762265 * $f1)...
If you bend up an octave you should get a value of 2, if you bend down 
an octave you should get a value of 0.5

hope this helps and isn't too much voodoo...



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