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RE: Loop software with varispeed

I'm a bit delayed in getting in on this topic. Though I still have a
Repeater, I hardly use it these days and though the time stretch features
and pitch shift capabilities are really cool, I actually don't miss using
the Repeater because ultimately,  it's well documented shortcomings
outweighed its features. I like having different track speeds, and I do a
lot of that on the Lp-1. That being said if the LP-1 hadn't come along I'd
probably still be using the RPTR, grainy sound, weird time stretch issues ,
and all. It is a unique animal.  Perhaps having other intervals besides
octaves would be cool, perhaps any interval within an octave? I'm just not
sure how much use that feature would be for me personally. One thing I 
with CC control of pitch or track speed that I believe Mark F. mentioned is
it is a cool gimmick, Key word being "Gimmick". How many times can you end 
song with it sounding like someone turned the record player off? That being
said , the ability to record a track at 120 BPM and drop it to 10bpm can
result in some startling artifacts.  I did like being able to control the
Repeaters tracks pitch shifting from my guitar synths arpeggiator, but even
that had limitations as far as what kinds of loops and note choices I could
use that wouldn't just sound like noisy  chaos. I also don't miss dragging
my guitar/synth to gigs any more. When I first got the looperlative I set a
CC expression pedal to control track speed and I could achieve cool 
laden pitch bends by leaving the LP-1 in overdub while I rocked the pedal
back and forth. I haven't done it in a while but as long as you back off 
feedback so as not to overload the track, you can create some cool pitch
bending noise with this technique. As far as pitches I'd, use octaves
,4ths,5ths, and 2nds. As far as time stretch. It would be cool to be able 
change pitch without changing tempo like the Repeater could, accessible via
midi note and hopefully with user definable tonal center. The repeaters
three octave range radiated out from middle C, with two octaves below and
one octave above.  I'd like to be able to user define which note on the
keyboard is acting as the tonic. Does that make sense? So whats up your
sleeve Andy?

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Subject: Loop software with varispeed

a quick questionnaire for anybody interested.

If you were suddenly granted the wish of having varispeed (pitch change 
with associated tempo change) in your
looping device of choice, how would you want it to work?
(One way would be  to control it by midi note and pitchbend, for instance.)

Would you want extreme range of control even if it caused digital 
artefacts in the sound?

If there were just a few selectable pitches, which would you use most?
e.g. down an Octave, up a fifth

Any other dreams?

andy butler