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Re: Loop software with varispeed-thankyou

andy butler wrote:
> a quick questionnaire for anybody interested.

Thanks to all for the interesting creative input,
trying to put it all together here:-

Varispeed by midi Note seems popular, I'd be thinking that if you had that
you wouldn't need to restrict midi CC to discrete values, but that in 
an unquantised midi CC control would be useful.

Warren suggests that the start of the speed change could be quantised,
which is something that any EDP emulator would have to do (as 
in EDP, start of half speed is quantizable). He also suggests
to scale the volume inversely to the pitch, ..interesting.

Os suggests to add a dual piano keyboard type interface so
that you can mouse to any pitch straight away, or do that 
and simultaneously go into reverse...oh...no...uh...
...Augustus Loop does that already ;-)
Expert Sleeper also have a "Crossfade synth" which does
interesting stuff playing back chunks of loop at different speeds.

A popular idea (Per, Mark, Os )is to add a sequencer to control the speed,
it takes about 5 mins to set that up in Bidule (when the 
pitch responds to Note-On), and is presumably fairly easy in other hosts,
so I don't think that an onboard
sequencer is needed.
Doing that with the pitch renders sync somewhat irrelevant,
(even when sequencer is synced to the loop)
..luckily  there's another way to achieve a similar sound.
Mathons Chopitch ( triggering pitch shifter) could be used
to post treat a loop, and can be triggered from a step sequencer.
This allows all sorts of pitch mayhem while preserving the timing of
the loop.

As to digital artefacts, I spend a fair amount of time trying to eliminate
them. However, it seems reasonable that a vari-speed looper shouldn't
have it's speed range restricted to that which would avoid artefacts.

andy butler