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RE: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

> From: Travis Hartnett [mailto:travishartnett@gmail.com]

Wow, it's been what, 2 years since we've had a hardware vs software
debate?  That's too long! :-)

I don't have a useful opinion on the aesthetic differences between
amps and modelers, but you bring economics into the discussion...

> Musical hardware (actual amps, guitars and effects) hold their value
> better than almost anything else in your house.

This may be true for amps and guitars, but less so for effects.  Oh,
maybe some classic analog devices but most digital devices are
obsolete after a few years.  I literally have a storage shed full of
musical hardware I've bought over the past 20 years that I can barely
give away.  Anyone want to buy a Digitech DSP-128?  A Korg SDD-1000?
A Lexicon JamMan with jittery rotary encoders?

As I've said here before, I don't find the comparison between the cost
of a computer and the cost of a piece of hardware very meaningful.
Sure, computers are not built to last and they have to be replaced
every few years.  But depending on your age they have become an
indispensible part of life like refrigerators, televisions, iPODs, and
leaf blowers.  If you're under 25 it's just assumed you have one.  At
least in "rich" societies that can afford to buy things like
televisions and boutique amplifiers.

It's sort of like saying you need to factor your car into the cost of
your rig because you need one to drive to a gig.  Now I know that
isn't fair either, most gigging laptop musicians will invest in a
purpose-built performance computer.  But it still has value outside
the rig.  So realistically the "price" is somewhere in between "it's free
because I already have 4" and "I had to buy a quad-core that does
nothing but run Amplitube".


Oh, and I would buy a VHT Sig:X in a heartbeat if it weren't for
the fact that I'm a paunchy old man that has finally abandoned his
dreams of playing for screaming fans.  And I need a new leaf blower.