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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

Did you mean...take it to the retirement home...NOW? Cuz that's kinda, 
like, ouch.

Or did you mean that, at the point when we're ready for the retirement 
home, the non-laptoppers will still be dragging the amps and stompboxes 
around? Cuz that's like, no big deal. Great inheritance for the kiddies.

Not that compact isn't desirable and necessary, but I can tell you that 
in 20 years, none of the computer hardware or software you're using now 
will be supported and you'll have spent thousands upgrading every five 
years, whilst a 2008 Matchless amp will still be going strong and worth 
five times what it sold for originally... :-D ...

not even remotely involved,

Daryl Shawn
> And, really, there's nothing more to say. Frankly, I'm getting tired of 
> that "I can feel the difference" talk. Either you're able to do it with a
> more compact setup, or you should embrace the thought that you better 
> yourself and your tube amp and stompbox setup to the retirement home.