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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

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> Not that compact isn't desirable and necessary, but I can tell you that 
> 20 years, none of the computer hardware or software you're using now 
> be supported and you'll have spent thousands upgrading every five years, 
> whilst a 2008 Matchless amp will still be going strong and worth five 
> times what it sold for originally... :-D ...

Probably true, but of these two options, and a 8 year span:

a) I spend, let's say $3000 on a new computer every 4 years (my running 
rate) and then upgrade my music software every 8 years for another $1500 
(max/msp or something like it, Reaktor or something like it, and a bunch 
free future VSTs or something like them), totallying $7500 in 8 years.

b) Buy a Matchless DC30 for $3500, but be totally bored out of my mind 
this 1-2-trick pony in year, and end up buying 3 different other botique 
tube amps in the next 7 years, probably easily spending $7500....been 
done that! I've spend more on amps than I have computers and software, so 
what does that tell me? Move away from hardware. Adapt. Evolve. Change. 
Lighten up (literally) and play the music. :)

Of a) and b), it would be a wash for me.  The computer is a logical choice 
in my case and will save me money over time, plus keep my evolving. I've 
never used an a single type of amp for 20 years, BTW. I've never used the 
same amp for more than a year without getting board with the limitation of 

I think the writing is on the wall. It's just my prediction, but I think 
harware will be in museums in 30 years, and no one will be able to support 
it; nor will any music manufacturer be able to afford to compete in the 
marketplace selling hardware that goes out of style in 6 months.  It's 
what is happeing with servers. More business are ditching their 
expensive monsgter servers and storage devices that only have 45% 
utilization, and moving to either modular blades or 
outsourcing/virtualization, where they don't even own their servers.

We're heading to the Matrix, man...take the laptop pill. :)