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Re: AW: elec gtr setup - to simplify

On Aug 26, 2008, at 9:29 PM, George Ludwig wrote:
>> Absolutely! But even an M13 is way better than buying software. I  
>> don't want to go in to all the reasons why, but anyone who has  
>> owned/maintained a computer system for more than a few years  
>> understands this implicitly.

Uh, I've been using computers for music and art since the early 90s  
and I have no idea what you're talking about.  Yeah, there are things  
you need to do when using a computer, but so be it.  When multitrack  
recording involved tapes there was tons of crap you had to do to  
maintain them too.  Each technology has it's own issues.

> For myself, I'd prefer to buy digital hardware than software  
> because the hardware (i.e., an M13) is it's own platform. You don't  
> have to worry about things like:
> 1. the copy protection scheme becoming unsupported
> 2. the only supported OS being "end-of-lifed"
> 3. the computer hardware being "end-of-lifed"

So what about "end of lifed?"  My laptop says it'll support Vista,  
but I won't go there.  Why?  I don't think of it that way.  I treat  
my computer like a dedicated hardware device to some degree.  I've  
already stopped upgrading all my software.  It all works.  I back up  
my hard drives and if they fail I'll buy another until I can't get a  
hard dive for it any longer.  My wife has a IBM laptop that she's had  
for almost ten years now and it still runs all the software she  
installed on it.  I wouldn't try my latest amp modelers on it, but  
it's still a useful piece of gear.

> On a related note, I will NEVER buy any more 1K Multimedia products  
> due to their tight lock-in with flaky copy protection (don't ask me  
> about my experience with authorization for Amplitube). Steam is  
> pouring out of my ears at the very memory!

Hm, I've had no issues with their authorization, and my one service  
request was answered really quickly.  I was mad at their midi  
implementation and the product manager personally emailed me about  
it.  Really solid company I think.  I can't believe an email couldn't  
clear up your problem.

> Small software enterpises come and go all the time. To expect them  
> to stick around is just unrealistic. And even if they are around,  
> to expect them to remain at the status quo is once again lunacy.  
> Case in point, Apple's aquisition of Logic. If you were running  
> Logic on a PC, you were SOL.

Unless you have the last version of Logic and then you're fine.  Why  
does everyone thing that if software development dies so does the  
software?  The developer of one of my favorite tape loopers died a  
little while ago and you know what?  I'm still using his software and  
I bet I will for a long time.

Oh and I forgot.  That software?  (Elottronix) IS FREE.  Show me that  
in the world of hardware.

> Not to harsh on any scabs, but does anyone else remember the Gibson  
> takeover of Opcode and the resulting orphanage of OMS? Not to  
> mention StudioVisionPro...I  still frickin' seriously weep for the  
> loss off Opcode, not to mention the gigatinc loss of SVP.

Yup.  That sucked big time.  Shame on Gibson.  Guess what?  They do  
that to hardware as well.  Couldn't buy a new Steinberger for years.   
Oberheim?  Where is that rascally Echoplex Digital Pro II...