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Re: any bay area loopers want to meet up at SFO this Friday for Zoe's gig?

i am playing non-stop!
i get a little break around 12:30 when the organizer comes to watch  
my stuff for 15 minutes and i can nip off to grab some lunch.

thank you, it would be lovely to have an audience. there are comfy  
seats nearby, ebisu sushi and the exhibit of danish furniture is  
quite good!

i'll be inspired to do more eno-esque airport soundscapes.

celloly, zoe

On Aug 27, 2008, at 10:27 PM, George Ludwig wrote:

> I'm thinking about showing up. Zoe, you sure'y aren't playing non- 
> stop 11-2. Are you doing sets on the hour? I was thinking that noon  
> would be a reasonable time to show up.
> Anyone interested feel free to email me off-list.
> -George