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Completely OT: Travel Frequency (was Re: In praise of the FCB1010)

At 2:10 AM +0200 8/3/08, mark francombe wrote:
>2-3 times a quarter??????? Did you say ONLY????

Well, IIRC, Kris works for a company that's a major player in the 
Tech Industry.  So I think he's probably fairly lucky that he only 
travels that much.  When I worked in that same sector, it was fairly 
standard to hop a plane 2-3 times a *week*.  I was fortunate in that 
I was management, and they normally wanted me to stay fairly 
stationary (hard to hit a moving target, and all that).

Granted, most of these excursions were day-trips (Chi to Cinci and 
back on Monday, round-trip to Minneapolis for Tuesday, and KCMO on 
Thursday after that, for instance).  But many of the guys who worked 
for me would routinely be in a different city every day of the week. 
Heck, one of my employees even got a special award from Northwest 
Airlines a while back for being one of their top three flyers for 
that calendar year.

Been a couple years since I chucked that lifestyle, though.  I wonder 
if any significant changes have occurred due to increasing travel 

"we're no longer sure where home is; homesickness is our only guide"