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Re: Very OT: Zeitgeist, The Movie... WAS... Semi-OT: Int'l Travellers' Laptops Confiscated...

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 12:29 PM, Mark Smart <marksmartus@gmail.com> wrote:
The way it's presented implies they are all
talking about intentional demolition of the buildings by the CIA or
whatever. Jeez. I've only watched the first couple of minutes!

Yes that IS what he is suggesting, and  the overwhelming evidence to support this is unbelieveable, I think it makes tatla sense, when added to the information from Part 3 on the international bankers, oh lets point fingers David Rockafeller.

I DO have a HUGE however about this theory... Its allvery well coming up with evidence to say that it WASNT Bin Laden... AND that Bin Laded and Bush are in on somthing... quite plausable... BUT no one (that I have read so far) has come up with an explanation as to HOW they planted god knows how many tons of explosing over three buildings, with miles of cabling electronics for sequencing the explosions and engineers... etc... Dont you think someone of the many thousand that worked in these buildings might have seen something???