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Re: In praise of the FCB1010 - the instantly playable control approach. Made for BLASTING!

Yes, but that is all business trips. I only travely 1-2 times year for music only. If I am lucky I can tag on a gig to a business trip, but I have yet to pull that off.
More environmental OT: I was reading an article from some famous ecologist/environmentalist (can't recall his name) and he said that eating a steak was worse than driving a car....though there were no qualifications of that statement, as in 16 oz steak is worse than driving 10 min a day, etc. I am sure someone has done the math out there.  If you think about it, the energy and time/space that goes into making one cow (and I have experienced this first hand being raised on a farm) - cow's energy to eat and digest, people energy to raise the cow, grass or grain consumed by the cow, the gross amounts of land to contain the cows, etc - amounts to a highly inefficient way to make food for humans. We are basically giving one animal food to in turn become the food for another animal, plus use up a lot o land and generate tons of methane gas.
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2-3 times a quarter??????? Did you say ONLY????
Where to?

I flew once last year, (ok twice ..there and back)
I have flown once this year and expect to do so once more...

But I heard that figure about the Cow farts too... is that true?? Quite incredible and serious!!! Apparently far more dangerous than Air Travel

On Sun, Aug 3, 2008 at 12:12 AM, Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
I hear you. When I read that data on carbon emissions of jets, I was floored. I only travel 2-3 times a quarter (3 months) on average, but it still counts. Then I was even more floored when I read the greenhouse impact of the cows and the beef industry. Cripes.  Sort of compells me to stop eating beef....I'm getting there. Sorry, this is OT. :)
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but for carbon reasons i want to fly less. its something i think about every time and why i try not to do "one-off" gigs anymore (where i'm flown to some distant location for one concert).