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Re: In praise of the FCB1010 - the instantly playable control approach. Made for BLASTING!

ah the endless foot controller issue...

i just got a rocktron midi mate to see if i could replace my beloved  
(but hard to travel with) FCB1010. i've been working with it for a  
week, and

i'm going to give it another solid week, but really the FCB rocks. i  
love how easy it is to page between banks. i love the big buttons. it  
is a tank. and if you install the iFCB application, it is a snap to  
program. plus, not many pedals can send notes, program changes and  
control changes, all at the same time. and maybe it is just me, but  
behringer tech support has been amazing, they respond immediately and  
are very helpful. (yes, i know about the history of behringer and  
what people say...)

but i need it to be smaller. its ridiculous that my $40,000 cello and  
my looping rig go in the hold of a plane, but i have to carry the FCB  
onboard with me in a violin case. when it is just me traveling solo,  
the bulk of the FCB causes me no end of grief.

so if the rocktron doesn't work, i'm going to pay whatever it takes  
to have the expression pedals removed from the FCB.