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Re: In praise of the FCB1010 - the instantly playable control approach.Made for BLASTING!

hi Zoe
well, isn't the Gordius Little Giant exactly what you need?


tech support from Xavier is superb.

I got him to re-arrange the buttons so my familiar fcb layout would work
on the Gordius.

andy butler
ps when I used fcb1010, it would travel in the hold

info at zoekeating wrote:
> ah the endless foot controller issue...
> i just got a rocktron midi mate to see if i could replace my beloved 
> (but hard to travel with) FCB1010. i've been working with it for a week, 
> and
> i'm going to give it another solid week, but really the FCB rocks. i 
> love how easy it is to page between banks. i love the big buttons. it is 
> a tank. and if you install the iFCB application, it is a snap to 
> program. plus, not many pedals can send notes, program changes and 
> control changes, all at the same time. and maybe it is just me, but 
> behringer tech support has been amazing, they respond immediately and 
> are very helpful. (yes, i know about the history of behringer and what 
> people say...)
> but i need it to be smaller. its ridiculous that my $40,000 cello and my 
> looping rig go in the hold of a plane, but i have to carry the FCB 
> onboard with me in a violin case. when it is just me traveling solo, the 
> bulk of the FCB causes me no end of grief.
> so if the rocktron doesn't work, i'm going to pay whatever it takes to 
> have the expression pedals removed from the FCB.