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Re: gaspedal - followup - Gordius

andy butler wrote:

> Luca Formentini wrote about Gordius LG
>> I have been super happy to find that these allow me to play even in 
>> very silent environments ( recording together with acoustic 
>> instruments like cellos, violins, flutes...) and are both sensitive 
>> and solid.
> thanks for your input Luca.
> My impression was that the LG buttons are only silent if pressed and 
> released very slowly. I guess what you mean is that the loud click of 
> a stompbox type switch is absent.
> For rhythmically precise use there's a definite click, especially on 
> the release of the button. This is confirmed by Xavier. He says that 
> it wasn't practical to change the mechanics of the switch.
Yes Andy,
there is a click if you push them completely, but you don't need to do 
it to activate the button.
When I play in chamber-like situation I am sitting and this makes it 
easy to softly push those buttons.
Of course it would be more difficult to do the same while standing.

Anyway, beside the old tc electronic stomp boxes which are completely 
silent, these are almost the most silent switches I have encountered.
The most silent switches I know are, in order: Rolls midiwizard, 
Rocktron Midimate, Digitech Pmc 10.
But these devices have 1/1000 of  the potential we are discussing here ( 
ok, ok the Pmc 10 is maybe 1/10...)

my best,