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Re: gaspedal - followup - Gordius

van Sinn wrote:

> Andy, sometimes during fast or complex passages, I have this mental 
> disorder ( ;) ) which require that I gradually approach the board, place 
> and rest my foot on a button till just the right time.
> IOW, I prefer buttons with a bit of initial resistance so I can do the 
> 'foot resting' trick.
> The FCB buttons do allow this, but don't have a definite feel as to when 
> they actually engage; always feels like having to really 'press' them.
> I also need certain stomp-actions, like pitch transposings, relatively 
> brief at-a-time, where buttons with a click-resistance aren't too great.
> How would you describe the LG buttons relative to above?

The LG buttons don't have any click resistance, perfect for those "brief 
at a time" fx.
They are much smaller than the fcb buttons, small enough to disappear into 
the gap between your toes if you don't wear shoes when pedalling. ( I 
learned to use my big toe, with my heel on the ground for more control).
They are easier to press than those on the fcb.
There's not a lot of resistance , and there's a slight cushioning after 
contact has been made.
As with the fcb, there's not a definite feel to engaging, but there's no 
need to  'really press'. There's a definite end to how far the button 
travels which is just a little way past the point of contact.
With the bottom row of buttons, your foot resting technique is possible 
because you can rest the heel on the floor, although you'd need a bit more 
fine control than with the fcb. On the top row it's harder, with the foot 
hovering above the button. (although this could be improved by placing a 
support for the foot in front of the LG, ...or by wearing heels:-).

So for your requirements, it's only the foot hovering thing which would 
require some refinement of technique. It would be pretty easy to press 
before you intended. 
Actually, I found that with time the problem of getting the feet to behave 
while the hands and brain are busy playing is something that gets easier 
over time. I recognised your strategy as something I used to do, but now 
is hardly ever needed.

hope that helps

andy butler