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RE: looping satellite/repeater

>>i just find myself fascinated by the 'runaway' spy satellite projected
to crash into the earth in march. i just read that the pentagon is
planning to shoot it down. i imagine this satellite like one of my
repeaters when it gets jammed. all it can do is go round and round,
gradually slipping out of sync towards the destruction of your
performance...until you 'kill' it.<<

missed a few digests due to being in the studio, playing with one of my
repeaters some of the time. 
I still use mine from the front panel, though I have addressed it with
midi notes before now (long before the o/s upgrade) & I got all four
channels to hop around quite briskly with only a hint of glissando....

but back to the satellite. 

when I started at MTV, a long time ago, I used to sit in the playout
suite ("the sharp end of the boat") as it was the most entertaining
place to be for an engineer/musician on night-shift. 

we would often change the playlist entirely, or mess about with odd
transitions between music videos.... like bringing up the audio from a
third clip during a video mix between two other clips.... sort of like a
vinyl DJ would do during a live set, only with a betacart & video/audio

but my favourite trick relied on the fact that, for reasons lost in the
mists of time, the off-air monitoring was brought back onto the vision &
audio routing, & so the audio returning from the satellite could be
brought up on the audio desk whenever we wanted. 

of course, we had to pick music running at the right tempo, but when
something appropriate came on, it was a real blast to create a dubby
remix of something using this multi-million dollar delay system & the
forces of nature..... never mind the roland reissue, this was a real



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