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Re: gaspedal - followup

Ciao Zoe,
in the infinite ( but now ended) search for the perfect pedalboard I 
also conctacted Lenders.
It was May last year, when the first rumors about the gaspedal were 
coming out.
This is the reply I got from him at that time:
"The gaspedal is posible to send momentary switch functions tht means 
that every controll switch can be used as a latch or unlach switch and 
reverse status for the leds.
this last one for use wth units like line 6 where the status is reverse.

we are in production proces now that means that we are making the cases 
and pcb boards for building the gas pedal.
The displee and expand are also in the building proces.
the soft ware is actualy ready but i can try to let you see it but do 
not have the time for it right now.
let me see wht i can do.

we hope to get the first one out in july /august.
please check the the website sometime.
i live in the netherlands.
price wil be 999, ex vat. "

At that time there was no pc editor available yet; it would have been 
the most interesting way to check its technical possibilities.

Anyway, I decided to take the big Gordius one.
It was not just a matter of cost ( big difference anyway) but because I 
felt there was a different commitment behind the project.
Even if I haven't had the chance to compare the two, I am happy to have 
decided for the Gordius as Xavier is someone who is clearly showing his 
genuine care and, in times when people are falling behind the products 
they sell making them a problem difficult to deal with, I think this is 
a major issue to keep on consideration.
Lenders is making guitar player's rack systems and we know that there 
are completely different requirements from that target ( very simple 
functions, low flexibility and so on).
I bought the first Big Gordius made and the buttons were the most 
important question mark to check when receiving the pedal.
I have been super happy to find that these allow me to play even in very 
silent environments ( recording together with acoustic instruments like 
cellos, violins, flutes...) and are both sensitive and solid.

Hope to have been someway useful in this very delicate decision.

My best,

info at zoekeating wrote:

> i'm interested in this gaspedal because there aren't many foot 
> controllers that are 1) fully programmable, 2) can send batches of 
> multiple PC, CC and Note messages simultaneously across different 
> channels and 3) don't use those little metal clicker buttons!
> i sent a message asking more info, got a message back that they don't 
> understand what i could be doing that i would need to send so many 
> simultaneous messages. good question, i ask that of myself every day 
> here! buy anyway, i just sent a spec of my looping setup...
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