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Re: Recording Programs?

Quoting Stephen Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net>:

> 1. What recording program do you use?

Cubase SX3.

> 2. Why?  Is there something you get from your program that you can't
> anywhere else?

In the 1980s my I used Dr. T's software for my sequencing.  Since I  
was Atari-based, the Cubase Audio Falcon package proved a good  
solution because it ran on my Atari equipment.  This provided  
synchronized MIDI and audio tracks.

A year ago when I modernized I decided to stay with Cubase because of  
a small learning curve for me to go from Atari Cubase to PC Cubase.   
Cubase SX3 has support for Surround sound which is important to me  
because I prefer to perform in surround sound whenever possible.

Though I have downloaded Mobius, I haven't spent enough time with it  
yet to get it to work.  I would like to use Mobius as a VST plugin.

Does all this mean that I believe Cubase is the "best of the best"?   
Well, of course not -- there may be better environments than Cubase.   
For my musical needs and for a smooth transition from the Atari  
platform, Cubase SX3 was the best choice for me.

-- Kevin