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Re: Boomerang - Rang III

Now *this" is what I'm talkin' bout!!! A floor controlled looper designed for live on the fly improv. Who cares about *midi/usb bullshit? If you are keyboardist, your board can do *that. If your a DJ, your laptop can do *that.If you can keep time by tapping your foot and have a decent audio interface, you don't need *THAT.
My one real concern is that hopefully it will be quiet.
when it comes to an efficient & intuitive floor looper, the RANG RULEZ! 
In a message dated 6/23/2007 2:58:59 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, skcoyle@gmail.com writes:
Boomerang(R) III Phrase Sampler  (E-156)  List price is $539.
 This little power house records in true stereo (or mono), has over
17 minutes of recording time in mono and 6 independent loops that can be
played sequentially (verse/chorus/bridge use) or simultaneously. In the
latter mode the loops may be synched or played totally independent from
each other.
 After the primary loop is recorded, there are 3 additional "layers"
that can be recorded. The layers can be silenced, played or re-recorded.
Additional material may be stacked on (added to) any of the layers. This
provides an undo/redo capability.
 The user can assign a number of interesting and useful functions to
a "Bonus" button. We anticipate having the following functions, and
possibly more: loop extend, loop copy, reverse lead live, auto fade out,
metronome with loop quantize, octave down effect (for bass line
creation), reverse playback and layer merging (combine all layers to
free up memory).
 There will be selectable sample rates, a variety of signal routing
options and a pedal linking system so multiple units can be synched.
 We will insure that the pedal is easy to operate and as intuitive as
the current one, but it will be deeper if you want to explore the new
 There is no foot roller as on the Rang(TM) Plus; volume will be
controlled by an external expression pedal. There will be no MIDI or USB
connectivity, and no permanent storage of loops.

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