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Recording Programs?

Hi folks,

I'm an old, old Cool Edit Pro user, and while I've been quite happy with 
multitracking etc., I look around and see what everyone else is using once 
in a while.

A look at the TapeOp (now available in the UK, thanks!) mentions Pro Tools 
quite a lot.  But a look at the product tells me that this is the kind of 
full-on hardware-software system sales bit that Avid has been getting 
to pay too much for, for some time - if not also an efficient barrier to 
keep the so-called 'amateurs' out of the mainstream of studio works.  
it didn't work for the reel-to-reel, cassette, DAT, VHS, CD or DVD - so 
it's done with a software-hardware combo)

So much for my attitude!  But it does beg the questions:

1. What recording program do you use?
2. Why?  Is there something you get from your program that you can't 
anywhere else?

Stephen Goodman
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