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Re: Les Paul and the Les Pulveriser

Strangely, I've never seen Tom Dowd mentioned on LD.
Check out the DVD: Tom Dowd and the Language of Music (http:// 

There's quite a bit of Les Paul on it presenting his prototypes of  
electric guitar and his multitrack recording device (stacking eight  
Ampex tape machines and synchronizing them. Dubbed the contraption  
"the Octopus.").


On 24.06.2007, at 02:17, stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:

> we've had this discussion afore on LD but i havent archive hunted-i  
> think Kim let it be known that LP had a multitrack hidden behind  
> the stage for this bit of showbiz that he is/was so good at.
> i have vid of him and Mary Ford multitracking live on stage w/ an  
> Ampex machine right out on stage w/ them.
> s