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RE: Recording Programs?

> 1. What recording program do you use?<

vegas 4 or 5. this is now a sony digital pictures product, but was
created by the mighty sonic foundry. I discovered it through using cd
architect & then sound forge; the former was for a long time the only
way to make real red-book CDs on a PC. & it was way cheaper than bias.

vegas is quite a lot like sadie, & my band-mate used sadie a lot at the
BBC, so it was a natural move. I like being able to grab a lump of audio
& slide it underneath another *on the same track*, creating the
crossfade automatically & then adjusting it afterwards. this just takes
too much effort in any other app I've tried, but then maybe I am
somewhat institutionalised with vegas' MO by now.

volume, pan & plug-in effects automation envelopes..... I'm sure other
apps have these things too, but they're all right in front of you in

my favourite things at the moment are the psp stereo plug-ins, including
a real-time goniometer.

it's also a good multitrack edit/mix environment- I dump stuff out of
our hardware (korg d1600) recorders as stereo wavs, then line 'em all
up, cut, mix, plug effects in & render down to a new stereo pair.
I do all this either on a dell dual-2Ghz workstation or under parallels
on my macbook pro, both with w2k. my colleague uses a compaq 1.8Ghz
laptop with XP, but the results are largely the same since vegas doesn't
really do much with the 2nd proc anyway.

& for recording, it supports a large number of h/w interfaces, though my
own experience is limited to stereo recording/overdubbing.

it's probably only fair to mention that vegas is also a reasonable video
editor.... I wish more folks here (in tv land) had adopted vegas instead
of the ubiquitous FCP, which requires that you export your audio to a
separate app (soundtrack pro or whatever) to do anything worthwhile.
vegas is a lot cheaper too.