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RE: OT $1.95 synth!

> > Oops sorry, we didn't make it to 150,000 so
> > you lose.  If they actually think they can get close to this
> > number this is a huge marketing risk that may backfire.

> Lose $1.95.  That's the key, it's so cheap.

Some people will think like this.  It's like buying a lottery ticket,
you don't really expect to win.  

But others may look back on this as the software equivalent of a guy
on the side of the road with a cardboard sign.  They're basically
asking for a $300,000 handout because the vast majority of the people
putting down their $2 won't end up buying it for $100.

Now I'm not saying this is their intent, they seem to truly believe
this will work.  But it's hard to control public opinion, these sorts
of games can backfire and end up alienating potential customers.  

But I do wish them luck, and I hope I'm wrong.