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RE: OT $1.95 synth!

>> How the hell is Mobius free?
> I only do it to meet girls.

Well then.  Next time I run into a cute single girl I'll ask her about her
feelings towards computer based audio loopers.

>  Anyway, I think the synth is well worth the full price of $99, but...
>> $1.95?  A steal.
> Frankly I think this is a clever but dangerous marketing gimick.  They
> aren't going to sell 150,000 of these.

Not at $99, but at $1.95... a painless paypal click and it's over.  I'm in
Vegas (not for fun) and I hate gambling, but if I loose a $2 bet on
this... it's really nothing.

> Oops sorry, we didn't make it to 150,000 so
> you lose.  If they actually think they can get close to this
> number this is a huge marketing risk that may backfire.

Lose $1.95.  That's the key, it's so cheap.  If I'm out $1.95 all I'll
really think is, "Jeff was right."

> Hell there are probably 150,000 VSTi's available,
> half of them free.

That is true, there are a few great free VSTs.  A bunch of good free
VSTs... and a lot of crap that clutters your hard drive.  Sorry Jeff,
yours is one of the great ones, but so far I've only found a few.  If you
had a paypal donate site I'd be on it right now.  No doubt.

> I wish them well, but they show all the signs of being a group of
> talented engineers that know nothing about marketing.

I don't know anything about that industry, but I can't help but think,
"This idea's so crazy, IT MIGHT JUST WORK!"  ... and if it doesn't, I'm
out $1.95 (which is actually applicable to a purchase, so if you want the
synth, it's not like you lost anything.  I was pretty impressed with the
light free version that came with ComputerMusic a few months ago.