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Rainer wrote:
"It's all laptop these days, or at least dominated by them. The laptop 
themselves are split into two main camps: MAX/MSP and Mobius.
Apart from that, there's of course still the old crowd using their
Repeaters, EDPs, Looperlatives and whatnot."

As a musician who feels he is right up with what's going on in the
digital musical world and who also uses Repeaters, EDPS and Looperlatives
eschewing the laptop paradigm for some very salient and well thought out 
reasons,    I take small
umbrage for your characterization of me as 'the old crowd'.

Is John Mclaughlin considered old school if
he does not play a Line 6 digital modelled guitar?

I think not.

Don't get me wrong.  I don't think that laptop users are making a bad 
In fact, Jeff Kaiser has come closer than any single musician to 
me to
chuck all my hardware and go laptop.

In the spirit of very friendly (and even affectionate, in your case, 

rick walker