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Thoughts -was- RE: OT $1.95 synth!

   Mark said,

Well then.  Next time I run into a cute single girl I'll ask her about her
feelings towards computer based audio loopers.

lol!  -hate to say this, but the only reasons I'm back in this again, are

1)  Rick showed me a lot of respect for the art I can create / share, and 
few others have echoed it...  Which I'm truly grateful for beyond words.


2)  I don't look at what I'm doing as "looping" necessarily, and view it 
simply as another creative voice I have.  Quite frankly, to be honest, the 
whole geek factor associated with this form of music, is just not 
I can stomach!  lol!  I could care less about how complex a piece someone 
can put together in front of me, while I'm waiting, wondering where the 
groove is?  :)  And I also am really not interested in how many loops 
someone might be juggling at a time, with what gear...  I mean, like, gag 
me!!!  :)

Obviously, I need to consider the instruments that are available as this 
a performance which is centered around this act of looping?  :)  -but the 
interest stops there...

If the music makes me move and it's got IT, then I'm totally there!, and I 
don't care how they're making it.  If someone is up there just wrestling 
with their equip or their own creativity and losing, lol!  or is merely 
relying on the gear factor to either make the piece or somehow impress me, 
then it's like *yawn* -will go for a walk and come back laters....  :)

   I don't want to give the impression that I'm dissing this whole thing, 
because I'm not.  As I said, this to me, is another avenue with which one 
can express themselves, which to me, is the key; -What's being expressed, 
geekie love of gear, :) or way passionate art and amazingly hot 

Anyway, I'm betting I've said quite enough for now.  :)  So I'll just be 
quiet for a bit and wish y'all a wonderful evening!...  -And I truly look 
forward to hearing some amazingly hot grooves later this year!!!  :)



At 01:11 PM 6/13/2007 -0700, you wrote:

> >
> >> How the hell is Mobius free?
> >
> > I only do it to meet girls.
>Well then.  Next time I run into a cute single girl I'll ask her about her
>feelings towards computer based audio loopers.
> >
> >  Anyway, I think the synth is well worth the full price of $99, but...
> >> $1.95?  A steal.
> >
> > Frankly I think this is a clever but dangerous marketing gimick.  They
> > aren't going to sell 150,000 of these.
>Not at $99, but at $1.95... a painless paypal click and it's over.  I'm in
>Vegas (not for fun) and I hate gambling, but if I loose a $2 bet on
>this... it's really nothing.
> > Oops sorry, we didn't make it to 150,000 so
> > you lose.  If they actually think they can get close to this
> > number this is a huge marketing risk that may backfire.
>Lose $1.95.  That's the key, it's so cheap.  If I'm out $1.95 all I'll
>really think is, "Jeff was right."
> > Hell there are probably 150,000 VSTi's available,
> > half of them free.
>That is true, there are a few great free VSTs.  A bunch of good free
>VSTs... and a lot of crap that clutters your hard drive.  Sorry Jeff,
>yours is one of the great ones, but so far I've only found a few.  If you
>had a paypal donate site I'd be on it right now.  No doubt.
> > I wish them well, but they show all the signs of being a group of
> > talented engineers that know nothing about marketing.
>I don't know anything about that industry, but I can't help but think,
>"This idea's so crazy, IT MIGHT JUST WORK!"  ... and if it doesn't, I'm
>out $1.95 (which is actually applicable to a purchase, so if you want the
>synth, it's not like you lost anything.  I was pretty impressed with the
>light free version that came with ComputerMusic a few months ago.
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