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Re: RC-50 wierdness

not so much. then I would have to use that clock, whatever it is when I play live and I can't do that.

thanks for you suggestion though


On Feb 12, 2007, at 10:06 AM, Joshua Carroll wrote:

Sorry to butt in.  I'm not an RC 50 user, but I think I understand.

You'll have to use some sort of time clock sync.  Your RC 50 and your computer are using two different clocks which will, invariably, run at slightly different speeds.  No clock is perfect.  But if you slave one to the other, they'll be running off the same clock, and then things will line up.


Teddy wrote:

On Feb 12, 2007, at 7:58 AM, Richard Sales wrote:

Hi Teddy

I haven't done it but I've been thinking about it. I think I would slave my RC 50 to MIDI Time Code from Pro Tools - or vice versa. So you need some kind of time clock - if your Pro Tools interface isn't generating one - to slave your system to. Then all the elements SHOULD sync up nicely. 
maybe I didn't enunciate it right.
I don't even want to slave the 2 together. I just want to record the looped elements into pro tools again individually and have them so I can mix.
the problem I have is that the RC-50's tempo is not what it says it is, according to pro tools.

Well... I haven't tried this so I don't know.  Are you using Pro Tools as a sequencer for MIDI stuff?  I would just not use the tempo function in Pro Tools if you're not using it as a sequencer.  But I might not be understanding what's going on still. 

I've never had any luck with tempos and sync without some master clock running the show.  

the problem with that would be that the RC-50 was running the clock when the first thing was recorded, so how is clocking to pro tools going to lock any better? the RC-50 is clocking to itself fine, it's just that... well. ok... here's my process:

1 play awesome song with band live and loop stuff
RC-50 gets recorded onto it's own mono channel in PT (I run it all out of it's own amp)
I set the tempo in PT to match the RC-50's
I line up the whole song so the loops recorded live start where the tempo starts and the band follows
everything is fine for 8 bars or so, but then it starts drifting
by the end of the song the click is an 1/8 note off from the live RC-50 part

SO the main problem for me is that the RC-50's tempo is not what it says it is.

my fix so far has been to play with the tempo in pro tools to try to get it to line up with my recorded RC-50 loops
seems like the RC-50 is off by about .05 bpm
so if my RC-50 tempo is 120 I have to set PT to 119.95 to synch with what I've recorded

the reason I want to do this is because later I want to grab those parts from the RC-50 so I can get separated sounds to mix in with the amp sound.
I don't want to have to record the whole song in, I just want to record 1 phrase and loop it in pro tools.
If I didn't use a tempo in pro tools I wouldn't be able to loop the parts in pro tools as easily.

I guess another fix could be to just play the stuff from the RC-50 how it is for the whole song and not set a tempo in pro tools and just line that up to the down beat of my recorded loops, that should be a more accurate fix actually. then I can just ignore the tempo like Andy butler suggested.

One problem I have with the RC 50 is even when the click or rhythm track is set to go out the sub it comes out the main into my guitar amp. Hummmm! Not good.
that you can set per patch OR globally in the system menu. if you do it per patch you have to set in each patch. I use a 3 amp setup with gtr loops in one, vocal loops in another and the crappy drum machine through all sorts of weirdness out the mains. the drag for me is you can't pan the guide drums.

I've done this and it still leaks out the main!  I've done it globally and per patch.  I'm a little mystified.  

weird, that doesn't happen here. I will check again though.

Got a Fulltone Tube Tape Echo and that's been a blast. My old tape Echoplex was having a near death experience so it's going off to the hospital (and hopefully not the morgue) soon. Two new (old) amps coming soon. Late fifties early sixties Magnatone 213s. A Durham Sex Drive. New Area 51 guts for my Cry Baby. Fun stuff. 
ahhhh... nice. I have 5 magnatones, they are amazing. 

Well... I have three - or will when the next two arrive.  I love the sound so much.  Very thick and rich and fat.  One of the last real bargains in vintage amps.

have you check out the magnatone/valco yahoo group? some very informative magnatone people on there.