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Re: Jamie Lidell live looping movie

I find the way this topic has gone to be really
interesting.  One thing I've noticed is that if you
tend to be somewhat conventional in your music, the LD
list is not your audience for the most part.  I've
been to a lot of the loopfests and it always seems
like the odder stuff gets the lion's share of the
attention.  I think I notice it because I always
wonder, "Why didn't people dig X's performance?  I
loved it!"  Now me, I like weird odd stuff, but I'll
be the first to put on a Cheap Trick album if the mood
moves me.  I just notice that anything that leans into
pop or traditional music seems to be tossed aside in
favor of someone blowing into a $6 electronic toy
trumpet made of dayglow green plastic. (Hi RICK!)

Art can be very hard to experience.  Entertainment
never is.  Art can be entertaining.  Entertainment can
be artistic.  It's a big mess.  Enjoy it.

I'm not saying either approach to looping is better. 
I just see that the things that get the most interest
tend to be more "cutting edge."  Be prepared to see a
lot more Lidellesque stuff as looping hits the
mainstream.  Franky, I didn't think the video was
amazing, but I loves me some good beat boxing.  Hell,
I hired a looping beat boxer to perform my wedding
ceremony in Sept!  I hope he's not too artistic for my


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