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Re: Jamie Lidell live looping movie

>  But if you're ever travelling on the East coast of Canada
> and want to get together, definitely get in touch.

Thanks, Andrew. That's the mode I usually work in....travel/vacation 
time is gig time....zero monetary expectations, only about the 
art.....and maybe beer....and vegan food....well, whisky, too....and 
um....cigars. that's it. I think.

> Ableton Live.

That is a great program...My friend Roy Carroll is doing some whacked 
stuff with it in Berlin....are you familiar with his stuff? Glitch 
meets beat meets experimental and very manic.....Also a lot of folks at 
the Sparks Electronic Art and Music Festival I went to in February were 
doing some very creative work with it as well....Live is way more 
popular than my beloved Max/msp.....



Jeff Kaiser
pfMENTUM.com  AngryVegan.com