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News From Electrix

     Surprised that no-one has reposted this.  Fresh from the Electrix 
website and RepeaterUsers

from: Bri Charb nickelfish125@yah..

We (Electrix) have done a poor job of estimating
timelines for the new products. That said, we felt it
was just better to say nothing rather than lead people

The good news is that the new operating system that
will be in the Repeater MK2 has been completed, tested
and works great with some killer new features!

The new Repeater MK2 is going through final hardware
tests and we hope to be in production in the next 30
to 60 days - we are very close! 

     As far as I'm concerned, I'll believe it when I see it.  I have heard 
that the new OS has
been completed for some time now (thanks David Rice...) though no word yet 
as to whether it will
be released for MKI units.


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